EcoPower “24” Ready to Fly Quadcopter w/ Video Camera


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This is the EcoPower “IRIS” 24 Inch Ready-To-Fly Quadcopter. The EcoPower IRIS drone delivers big fun in a ready to fly package while capturing video images with pre-installed and adjustable on-board video camera. Equipped with an on/off switch located on the transmitter, the IRIS records the fun from above with the included video camera and 1GB Micro SD Memory Card. To easily transfer your videos to the computer, the IRIS also includes a Micro SD USB adapter.

Equipped with a six axis gyro, the IRIS drone is stable and easy to fly. The speed selector button on the transmitter allows you to choose between the 30%, 60% and 100% flight modes. This allows you to increase the performance as your skills improve. In the 30% and 60% modes the IRIS will perform aerobatic flips at the push of a button. Once the basics are mastered, the 100% mode allows maximum performance and unlimited flips without the use of the flip button.

The EcoPower IRIS is 24 inches diagonally making it recommended for large indoor spaces or outdoor use. The included 2.4GHz transmitter delivers interference free operation and allows multiple aircrafts to be flown at the same time. Around 5 minutes of flight time can be achieved with the included 2S Li-Ion battery, and the battery is easily charged in about an hour with the included AC battery charger. Additionally, a complete set of spare blades are included, so you can keep flying when things don’t go as planned.

The easy to fly characteristics make the EcoPower IRIS Quad-Copter a perfect choice for those that want to get into flying without breaking the bank, as well as expert pilots looking to have some low cost fun! Just add six AA batteries to the transmitter and you are ready t


  • 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization System
  • Built-in Video Camera (1GB Micro SD Card included)
  • Aerobatics and Flips With the Press of A Button
  • Incredibly Easy to Fly
  • 2.4GHz 5-Channel Radio System
  • Flight Range: Up to 650ft. (~200M)
  • Measures 24″ (60cm) Diagonally

o fly.