Procircuit Hot Dices 1/8 Pre-Mounted Buggy Tires (2) (Green) (Soft)




This pair of Hot Dices premounts features the new Procircuit PCX wheel and closed cell foam inserts. The Procircuit development team wanted to create a lightweight wheel that does not compromise strength and they succeeded in meeting their objective. The PCX wheel is 20% lighter and a little wider than the previous version. It also has a slightly higher level of flex which results in more traction in loose track conditions and better performance when landing following a jump and when running on bumpy tracks. A lighter weight wheel also means a lower rotating mass and that results in better acceleration for your buggy.

The PCX wheel is designed with an innovative gluing system; a grooved bead area helps guide the glue smoothly and evenly into place. Another feature is the incorporation of radial ribs that lock the wheel and foam insert together, eliminating the vague inconsistencies that come from an insert that is free to move around on the wheel. Procircuit wheels are manufactured using advanced techniques to ensure durability and long life.

The new closed cell inserts are designed to maximize the overall tire and wheel performance. They have grooved lines on the outside and are sized to perfectly fit the tire inner carcass, providing a better response and feel. The inside has larger grooves to better absorb impacts and bumps without sacrificing stability or forward traction. Testing has shown great results; this new premount system will give you a more predictable handling and easier to drive car.

The Hot Dices tire itself features medium size dice cube lugs with perfectly balanced tread spacing for maximum forward traction. The two outer rows of lugs will help you keep corner speed as well as give you predictable side bite. Overall, you will experience a very easy to drive and stable feeling with this tire on your buggy.

This tire offers driver’s consistent handling on outdoor tracks with blue groove or a little bit of moisture and really stands out in no dust and high grip track conditions. Hot Dices will give your buggy qualifying speed with tread life that is capable of handling hour long mains.

Hot Dices tires are available in blue (medium), green (soft), purple (super soft) and red (Xtreme) compounds.