ProTek RC Hardened Clutch Bell w/Bearings (13T) (Losi 8IGHT Style)


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This is an optional ProTek R/C Hardened 13 tooth clutch bell for Losi style clutch systems. These clutch bells are hardened and precision cut, providing you with worry free performance that is on par with any manufacturer. They also use the standard Losi large 5x13mm bearing in the inner position and a 5x10mm bearing in the outer position. The clutch bell is installed over the clutch shoes and will engage when the engine rpm’s increase, allowing the engines power to transfer to the center spur gear and the rest of the drive train. A clutch bell with fewer teeth than what you are using will provide increased bottom end acceleration with reduced top end speed, which is good for smaller technical tracks. A clutch bell with more teeth will increase top end speed, at the expense of reduced bottom end acceleration, which is better suited to larger flowing tracks. Includes one 5x13mm metal shielded bearing, and one 5×10 rubber sealed bearing.

Inner Diameter: 26.5mm
Bell Depth: 13.1mm
Bearing Size: 5x10x4mm Outer/5x13x4mm Inner